From Seedling to Dinner Table

Have you ever thought about the source of your furniture? I mean where the wood came from? Or if the “wood” is even wood at all? Maybe it’s just particleboard masquerading as wood. Hell, sometimes it’s plastic masquerading as wood.

Let’s not treat our furniture like a hangry drive through of Burger King – let’s not buy the cheapest, quickest, closest option just because it’s the cheapest, quickest, closest option. Listen, we all know this – you buy cheap you get cheap. Burger King may be the easiest option, but the gut spilling over your pants and the diabetes you develop are the result. The plastic masquerading-as-wood bedside table from Walmart may be the easiest option, but the money spent replacing it in a year and the drawer that doesn’t close all the way are the result.

 At Pop’s Woodshop we are the source. We are the source, the supplier, the craftsmen, and the vendor. We literally own the timber yard where our wood is sourced. We don’t just know the source; we don’t just heavily vet the source; we don’t just have a relationship with and trust the source (which are all very important parts of sustainable business practices) – we are the source. We don’t use particleboard and call it wood. We don’t use plastic and call it wood. We use wood. Wood that we grew; wood that we harvested; wood that we cured and then crafted into a quality dinner table.

We may not be like the drive thru option – but wouldn’t you rather have a grass-fed pasture-raised steak than a Burger King hamburger from the drive-through?

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