Like Towing a Sinking Ship With a Canoe

Henry David Thoreau coined this phrase in the 1850s. As a poet and philosopher, Thoreau was talking about the inadequacy of the English language to do justice to thoughts, just like a canoe is inadequate to tow a sinking ship. Here at Pop’s Woodshop we love this phrase – not because we are philosophers. Or poets. Or writers. Or particularly good at expressing ourselves. We love it because we love canoes! Crafting canoes is one of our favorite projects here in the shop, and we feel like our canoes could tow a sinking ship. Okay, it would probably have to be a small ship. That is relatively close to shore. With no passengers aboard. And a really strong person at the oars… You get my point – we love making canoes and are proud of our work!

 Our canoes would never behave like these canoes:


(Full disclosure: We don't  know these people, but these images are just too funny!)




Don't let your cheap canoe make a fool of you. Get a quality made canoe from Pop's Woodshop. And if our canoe misbehaves, you just bring it back to us and we will give it a good talking-to and whip it back into shape.

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