Turn it Up to 11

“You know what we do – if we need that extra push over the cliff? You know what we do? Put it up to 11.” 

In today’s frantic world, it seems like everyone is turned up to 11 all the time. We supercharge our cars with bigger and better. We supercharge our schedules with more and more. We supercharge our vacations, our yards, our houses, our appearance.

I say we redefine "supercharge" by turning in the other direction – away from quantity, sameness, and fitting in; towards quality, individualism, and standing apart.

Here’s some ideas for our new definition of supercharging our lives:

Quality over quantity – Let’s use our money to purchase quality items rather than items that will break, fall apart, and wear away quickly. Let’s use our free time to engage in hobbies that improve us and the world rather than binge watch 6 seasons of Scandal. Let’s use our dinner time to talk to our families rather than check our emails at the table for the 600th time that day. (Full disclosure: we may have done each of these things at least once in our lives….)

Individualism over sameness – Let’s come up with stories of our own rather than binge watching Game of Thrones. Let’s pick a vacation spot that fits our family and our values rather than go to the spot that everyone goes to just to get the bumper sticker. Let’s bring some craftsmanship back into our furniture rather than struggle to (incorrectly) follow the direction on an IKEA bookcase. (Full disclosure: we have also done each of these things at least once in our lives…)

Standing apart over fitting in – Let’s speak up for injustice rather than stay quiet and not rock the boat. Let’s support artists and artisans and craftsmen by purchasing items handcrafted rather than mass produced. Let’s dress up for DragonCon and proudly proclaim our weirdness rather than stay at home! (Final disclosure: we totally binge watch shows and dress up at DragonCon….)

So join us in pushing it to 11!

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