About Us

You ever notice how those stories about starting up try to make it sound like there was a specific plan, forged in stone and made to work by the sheer genies of the creators?

Now we could write some polished corporate sounding dribble about synergies, past resumes, total combined years of industry specific experience, and continued work toward mastering an art form. All of it would be true, but very boring and frankly is more played than my kid’s xbox during a winter ice-storm.

The real story involves beers, burgers, laughs, retirement, like minded individuals, passion, knowledge, risk, timing, and just plain old dumb luck. It’s that last item that no one wants to admit. That would be admitting that things are outside of control. I’ll admit it…we are lucky to live where we do, love what we do, and work with the people we do. We live and work in a part of town where our pieces are treated as they were intended – functional art. We love what we do…and I mean love it. We geek out for hours reading about different techniques, watching others work and learning old styles almost made extinct by machines.

Why? Because wood lives. It should be worked on by living humans who care for it. Not by machines. Look how that worked out for everyone when Skynet took over in the movie The Terminator.

Don't let these make your furniture: