Division 6 Millwork & Running Trim

Pops Wood Shop employs craftsmen that specialize in making the unique pieces that your client demands. A live edge conference table or extravagant one of a kind reception desk. They dream it, we make it. 

As a General Contractor, your job is to get the project completed. Pops Wood Shop is here to help. Along with the custom work, we provide and install the project's Division 6 needs thereby reducing the number of contractors on your job. 

We have the ability manufacture in-house crown molding, base boards, wainscoting, shiplap, handrails, and a multitude of other Running Trim and Millwork that you require for your construction project. One of our Division 6 project leads will manage your job from quote to completion. Our field install crews are highly trained professionals that will get you job completed ON SCHEDULE. 

"Sounds great. But can you handle a large project?" Thats a question we hear often and the answer is: YES. From small offices to multi-use residential over 170,000 sqft, our team has installed it all. We have the manpower and can make the material...let's get to work.

We would love to opportunity to discuss your project and how Pops Wood Shop can make your job easier.